Product List

Conventional Emulsions

(Cationic Slow Setting)
Tack Coat, Fog Seal
(Cationic Rapid Setting)
Chip Seal and Sand Seals
(Cationic Quick Setting)
Slurry Seal
Please call

Polymer Modified Emulsions

(Cationic Rapid Setting High Residue)
Chip Seals and Fog Seals
(Cationic Rapid Setting)
Chip Seals
(Cationic Quick Setting 1% SBR Latex modified)
Slurry Seal
(Cationic Quick Setting 3% SBR Latex modified)
Slurry Seal

Golden Bear Pavement Preservation Products

(Asphalt Rejuvenating Agent Type A)
Rejuvenating Seals, Recycling RAP
(Dust Control Agent)
Dust Control For Dirt Roads

Specialty Products

SR-1 Slurry Seal Set Retarder Project Specific Product Please Call
SR-6 Slurry Seal Set Retarder Project Specific Product Please Call

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Please note: COBITCO, Inc. of Denver, CO is NOT associated with the Cobitco located in Chesterfield, MO nor have we ever been. We do not sell the liquid cleaning products such as CarChem, Cobit+Care, Enviro-Chem, Enviro-M Marine, Pressure Patch, and Pro-Magic and do not provide MSDS's for these products. As far as we can tell, Cobitco of Chesterfield, MO has gone out of business.





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